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Why balance the bioenergies with a Lecher antenna - cases
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Combine Bio-balancings with Bioresonance Harmonic Remedies - Advanced Level Distance Work

This course is the equivalent of a 2 day in person training course to a small group of 2 to 4 students

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Learn how to dowse the energies with a Lecher antenna.

Something which is often underestimated or even ignored, is the importance of the place where you sleep. During sleep, a person becomes much more sensitive to energies.
I recently had a meeting with a retired Medical Doctor who has worked on about 10.000 patients with the Lecher antenna. His aim was to work on "mystery" cases, people who did not get better with orthodox medicine or just relapsed after treatment or even surgery. He confirms that a lot of these cases were related to the energies of the homeplace and emphasizes not to underestimate the location of our bed.

For this reason and because my personal opinion is that it is easier to learn how to work with the Lecher antenna by means of geobiology measurements (houses, places, ...) first, I am offering the e-learning course: Dowsing with the Lecher Antenna Geobiology Basic Level at a 30% discount for those who visit this website.
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Hope to see you in my course and become part of our Lecher antenna community.
Only a small investment but a big step towards your holistic health and well-being!

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-» Be able to apply what you learned in the 2 other Lecher antenna Bio-energy Levels 1,2,3 and 4 courses in a combined method

-» In this course you will be given access to exclusive settings for the chakras and the meridians from an esteemed group of Practitioners on the continent who have been working with the Lecher antenna for many years and learn how to use them

-» Know why it is important for the bio-energies to be balanced

-» Know how to do a full reading of your or a person’s bio-energies

-» Know how to do a balancing by working on the meridians, chakras and using chromotherapy (color harmonies)

-» Know how to perform distance work at an advanced level

-» Know how to screen for harmonic remedies (crystals and/or colors and/or essential oils, ...) with a Lecher antenna and to measure how well they balance the bio-energies

-» Know how to proceed when you have a set of crystals or colors or essential oils or homeopathics or Bach flowers ...

-» Know how to perform the reading and select harmonic remedy/remedies as distance work

-» Know how to combine the Delmotvibres-method and the Harmonic Remedies method

-» Have advanced knowledge of distance work and know how to proceed when combining both methods

-» After taking this bioenergetics course and conducting a few bio-energy readings and balancings you will definitely be convinced of the importance and usefulness of the Lecher antenna. You will also be amazed at how accurate the Lecher antenna allows you to select the appropriate and most useful remedy/remedies by means of bioresonance. You will be convinced that, when screening for the remedies, there are laws of nature at hand here that we, at this point in time, do not fully comprehend. It allows you to step through a doorway to a wonderful and very little explored world of yet unexplained physics.


-» Anyone who has also acquired my “Dowsing with the Lecher Antenna Bio-energy Level 1 and 2” AND my “Lecher Antenna Bio-energy Harmonic Remedies Level 1,2,3 & 4” courses.

-» Anyone interested in improving their health and well-being and that of their family and friends.

-» Anyone wanting to learn how to measure and balance bio-energies.

-» Anyone wanting to learn how to screen for harmonic remedy/remedies that will balance or partially balance your or a person's bio-energies.

-» Anyone who would like to work with crystals and/or colors and/or essential oils or and/Bach flowers and/or homeopathics, ... in combination with the Lecher antenna

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