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Dowsing with the Lecher Antenna - Bio-energy Basic and Intermediate Level

Improve energetic health: balance the bio-energies, reduce electromagnetic radiation & check object/food compatibility

Dowsing with the Lecher Antenna Geobiology Basic Level

Measure, improve and enhance the energies in rooms, offices, houses & look for gold, treasures, silver, water in the desert!

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Very special Summer 2019 promotion for learning how to dowse the energies with a Lecher antenna.

Something which is often underestimated or even ignored, is the importance of the place where you sleep. During sleep, a person becomes much more sensitive to energies.
I recently had a meeting with a retired Medical Doctor who has worked on about 10.000 patients with the Lecher antenna. His aim was to work on "mystery" cases, people who did not get better with orthodox medicine or just relapsed after treatment or even surgery. He confirms that a lot of these cases were related to the energies of the homeplace and emphasizes not to underestimate the location of our bed.

For this reason and because my personal opinion is that it is easier to learn how to work with the Lecher antenna by means of geobiology measurements (houses, places, ...) first, I am offering the e-learning course: Dowsing with the Lecher Antenna Geobiology Basic Level at a 45% discount for those who purchase this course during July 2019.
If you also purchase the Dowsing with the Lecher Antenna Bio-energy Basic and Intermediate Level Bio-energy e-learning course at a 30% discount during July 2019, you will get a FREE 20 COLOR FILTER SET for bio-energy measurements (market value 120 euros). These particular colors are the fruit of many years of research and proven to be very effective.
You can watch the videos and tutorials as many times as you like and you have lifetime access to the course. There is a forum where you can ask the instructor questions and discuss with other students.
All prices are local VAT included, no matter the VAT rate. More infomation about the course's content and to watch free videos can be found at udemy.com, the platform that hosts my e-learning courses by clicking on the image of the respective course on this website page.

Hope to see you in my course and become part of our Lecher antenna community.
Only a small investment but a big step towards your holistic health and well-being!
Condition: normal shipment of color set will be on 5 September 2019 once payment of e-learning courses is received from Udemy for courses purchased in Jly 2019. offer applies as long as stocks of color filter sets last.

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