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Dame Anne-Marie Delmotte has an Associate’s Degree in Clinical Chemistry and works as a scientist at the Belgian Government. In 2018, she received the title of Knight in the Leopold Order from the King of Belgium for her work.
The work she does for the government is completely different from her own personal energy research project.
Because she is hypersensitive to all kinds of energies and wanted to objectify what she was sensing, she searched for an instrument that is able to measure and determine these energies objectively and scientifically.

In 1987, in Belgium, a Medical Doctor introduced Anne-Marie to the Lecher antenna during a consultation. In 2008, she was able to acquire her instrument that she had been looking for for a long time. She attended several training courses which introduced her to geobiology and bio-energy measurements. She set off to do measurements at places that are known for their special energies like the Chartres Cathedral near Paris, several megalithic sites in Ireland and the Megalithic Sites of Carnac and Brittany. After the miraculous recovery of her mother, who was dying, after a balancing of her energies with the Lecher antenna she decided to learn more about bio-energy balancings. She found this through an additional training courses worldwide.

Anne-Marie is currently on a several year career break to make this precious little instrument that is the Lecher antenna and its many uses much better known than it is today.
She wants to make the knowledge available and much more affordable to all by means of her Practical Guide, books, online training and actual training courses. She herself had to set up a crowdfunding at the time for her own training.

She is constantly looking for low budget solutions to balance a person’s bio-energies, to reduce the influence of electromagnetic radiation and to clear negative energies, or what some call geopathic stress that can be hazardous to health and cause illness, from a person’s home place in order for more people to have access to this type of "alternative" work.

Her very elaborate research of the Megalithic Sites in mainly Ireland and France have made her understand that the Ancient Builders were already clearing this very geopathic stress thousands of years ago by means of certain stones for better livestock farming, crops and yields. She is able to recreate these very same energies as the Ancients in home places allowing for clearing of the negative energies with very low budget solutions. This way much more people can be helped and her courses teaching this to others makes this knowledge available for even more, of which some unfortunately wait till they are already very sick before seeking aid at an energetic level, to be helped. But the more people know about geopathic stress and bio-energy balancings, the more people might make the link to their energetic health and/or home place as being a possible cause of their “ill” feeling. Anne-Marie’s books and work are important into creating more awareness about this. A very noble mission.

I wish for her to be able to keep up this honorable work for many years to come. The world will be a better place for it. Thank you, Anne-Marie, for temporarily stepping down from your important government job serving your country to make this possible.

Anne-Marie also holds following qualifications: USUI Reiki, Shamanic Reiki and Reiki Crystal Master/Teacher/Practitioner Degree as well as a Reiki Space Clearing Practitioner Degree.


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