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Book a Lecher Antenna measurement and balancing done as distance work of your bio-energies with Complementary Health Lecher Antenna Therapist and Clinical Chemistry Scientist Dame Anne-Marie Delmotte

Anne-Marie is very committed to you as a client and takes every bio-energy treatment session she does very seriously in order to achieve the best result.
These sessions are very labour intensive. Anne-Marie's workload for 1 Lecher antenna treatment session is approximately 5 hours. This includes the set-up of a confidential client file, the preparations (energy connection, study of the file), the bio-energy reading and balancing as such and the post-discussion.

Anne-Marie is offering a limited number of exclusive Lecher antenna bio-energy treatment sessions in order to expand her database of cases that will help create awareness and recognition of this complementary therapy as valid to improve health and well-being at a physical, emotional and/or psychological level.
She wants to use this database in order to persuade private insurance companies and governments in order to get reimbursements and/or to become VAT/GST free, integrated as a form of complementary therapy that improves health and well-being, …

Disclaimer: The Practitioner of the products offered on this website page does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the Practitioner is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for well-being. In the event you use any of the information in the products offered on this website page for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the Practitioner assumes no responsibility for your actions.

Lecher Antenna Dowsing Geobiology Bio-energy Megalithic Monuments

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Learn how to dowse the energies with a Lecher antenna.

Something which is often underestimated or even ignored, is the importance of the place where you sleep. During sleep, a person becomes much more sensitive to energies.
I recently had a meeting with a retired Medical Doctor who has worked on about 10.000 patients with the Lecher antenna. His aim was to work on "mystery" cases, people who did not get better with orthodox medicine or just relapsed after treatment or even surgery. He confirms that a lot of these cases were related to the energies of the homeplace and emphasizes not to underestimate the location of our bed.

For this reason and because my personal opinion is that it is easier to learn how to work with the Lecher antenna by means of geobiology measurements (houses, places, ...) first, I am offering the e-learning course: Dowsing with the Lecher Antenna Geobiology Basic Level at a 30% discount for those who visit this website.
As a visitor of this website you can also avail of a 30% discount for the Dowsing with the Lecher Antenna Bio-energy Basic and Intermediate Level Bio-energy e-learning course.
You can watch the videos and tutorials as many times as you like and you have lifetime access to the course. There is a forum where you can ask the instructor questions and discuss with other students.
An exceptional discount of 20% is also offered on the new and very highly recommended Dowsing with the Lecher Antenna Bio-energy Harmonic Remedies Levels 1,2,3&4 e-learning training.
All prices are local VAT included, no matter the VAT rate. More infomation about the course's content and to watch free videos can be found at, the platform that hosts my e-learning courses by clicking on the enroll button the image of the respective course on this website page.

Hope to see you in my course and become part of our Lecher antenna community.
Only a small investment but a big step towards your holistic health and well-being!

**Conditions apply:
Enroll during June 2020 to get a free set of Megalithic "Magical Stones" verified by the instructor. Applies only to students who have enrolled in the Basic Level Geobiology AND the Geobiology Levels 2 and 4 AND the Geobiology Level 4 courses.
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If a student purchases both the Dowsing with the Lecher Antenna Geobiology Basic Level at the 30% SUMMER PROMO discount AND the Dowsing with the Lecher Antenna Bio-energy Basic and Intermediate Level Bio-energy e-learning course at the 30% SUMMER PROMO discount during June 2020, they will receive a FREE 20 COLOR FILTER SET for bio-energy measurements (market value 120 euros).
These particular colors are the fruit of many years of research and proven to be very effective. They can be used for the DELMOTVIBRES Bio-energy method taught in the Bio-energy level 1 and 2 course and also for the Harmonic Remedies method taught in the Bio-energy Harmonic Remedies course. They can further be applied for enhancing the energies of an office, room or space which is taught in the Geobiology Level 4 course.
Condition: normal shipment of color set will be on 5 August 2020 for courses purchased in June 2020 from Ireland with normal shipping once payment of e-learning courses is received from Udemy. Offer applies as long as stocks of color filter sets last. Only a very limited number available.

Video specific color harmonies screening with Lecher antenna


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Anne-Marie is also the author of several books with her Lecher antenna findings and research and instructor of Lecher antenna online coaching and training at the Delmotvibres Training Center.

Please make sure that you book a slot during which you are in a comfortable place where you can sit or lie down and you don't have to drive.
All sessions and communications are in English.

Click on the button on this page: "Book a Lecher Antenna Bioenergtics session with Anne-Marie Delmotte here"
This where you find information about the session as such.
Then click "Book Now"
This will bring you to another page where you set your timezone by clicking on the "clock" symbol.
Then choose an available date. Under the date the available slots will appear. Make sure to choose a slot when you are not driving and can be comfortable sitting or lying down.
Then click on the slot of your choice.Then you can enter your details and confirm booking.
This should take you to the payment section.

Measurement and balancing of bio-energies with Lecher antenna, a scientific instrument that works on the principle of (bio)resonance.
Become the best you you can be and thrive to feel fantastic.
The purpose of the measurements is to determine issues that have priority to be addressed during the bio-energy balancing so the energy can flow freely in your energetic body again and toxins can be optimally eliminated.
Inclusive of feedback/discussion after the session.
Regular sessions will allow:
-to balance the energetic body so it is capable to heal itself, or in other words to optimize the cellular regeneration capacity. We make cancer cells every day which we are very well capable of eliminating if our energies are well balanced
-to make sure that our immune system is functioning optimally
-to strengthen against, remove or balance any aggressions and/or negative energies we are exposed to
These sessions are experienced as soft and enjoyable. You also might experience some warmth or tingling. You might get sleepy or drowsy when I am doing colortherapy.

Anne-Marie ‘s workload for 1 session is about 5 hours and this is without preparing her own bio-energies and strengthening herself before the session so that she is in the best possible shape for her client.

All sessions and communications are in English.

A few days before the session: intake form in English. This has to be filled in and returned to Anne-Marie as soon as possible so she can make the appropriate preparations and set up a confidential client record that will be stored in a safe place.

During the session: takes about 1 hour measurement and balancing of bio-energies with Lecher antenna, a scientific instrument that works on the basis of (bio)resonance Balancing of bioenergies with specific colors at different levels: as Harmonic Remedies and toxin elimination level
These sessions are experienced as soft and enjoyable. You also might experience some warmth or tingling. You might get sleepy or drowsy when I am doing colortherapy.

It is important that you are not driving during the session and are somewhere comfortable where you can sit or even lie down. Anne-Marie will stay in touch via E-mail, Whatsapp or Messenger.

After the session: short post discussion of results and what issues came up and were addressed during the session. On Zoom, Whatsapp or Messenger.

Photo of Anne-Marie Delmotte Lecher Antenna Complementary Therapist
Photo of Anne-Marie Delmotte Lecher Antenna Complementary Therapist
Testimonial Lecher antenna treatment by Practitioner Anne-Marie Delmotte
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Testimonial remote Lecher antenna treatment sessions with comeplementary health therapist Dame Anne-Marie Delmotte