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REMARKABLE CASE - THE MOTHER of the instructor and author of the books on this website

My mother had only 1 or 2 days to live. Because she had dementia I asked my stepdad whether it was ok for me to try something with the Lecher antenna to which he agreed.
I saw that her energy connection to the earth was very weak which meant that she was leaving us soon.
I sent her that earth energy overnight as also energy to strengthen her central nervous system.
The next day she was already more lucid and two days later she was sitting with the other residents in the recreation room of the nursing home.
She also had an incurable diarhea caused by Clostridium difficile. After two more interventions with the Lecher antenna sending her energy to strengthen the immune system she was cured of this within three weeks after she was supposed to die.
She lived for another three years after this!
Please note that my mother had only 2 days to live and this was meant as a "rescue remedy".
I do NOT teach my students how and which energy to broadcast to a certain person because you have to have a medical education and know very well what you are doing. In some cases broadcasting certain energies to a person who has a certain pathology (disease) can have the wrong effect.
I do NOT work in this way on "clients" either.


We are now several months after I wrote content for this book. I think I was just waiting for something noteworthy about Lecher antenna Bioenergetics to mention.
Well, the tune up I did on myself this morning is definitely worthy of being in this book and a perfect example of how efficient these treatment sessions are and don’t have to be time consuming.
This case clearly demonstrates how easily the energy is able to find its way within the energetic body to where it has to go. It’s just a question of knowing which channels are the best to be used as entry points.
Without further adue.
SYMPTOMS: intermittent headaches, neck pain and short of breath
METHODS USED: Delmotvibres and colors as Bioresonance with Harmonic Remedies
Duration of the actual treatment session without report or of course without post-discussion with client as this is a session performed on myself: 35 minutes
The reading of the bio-energies reading reveal that the ax of my inner magnetic field is towards the front. This is an indication that I’m quite overworked, that I have too much on my plate and that I’m physically trying to catch up with my energetic body. I’ve been trying to cut down on my work but I’m still experiencing that I have a lot coming in and to do and am still trying to cut down on my professional activities.
My Kidney Meridian is not on either of its 2 frequencies and there are blockages in 2 acupoints.
One acupoint is associated with headaches and sore throat. I had indeed a sore throat from time to time during the last week and the headache is one of my main symptoms as per above mentioned.
The other acupoint is related to neck pain and respiratory issues also as I already indicated as symptoms.
So both acupoints do certainly concur with my above mentioned symptoms, as per usual during these treatment sessions, but in this case there is more which is very interesting….
I put the Kidney Meridian back to its right frequencies in the order my energetic wants me to do.
I then look for highly specific colors to help me eliminate what was flushed out of the Meridian and to fill/patch up the little energetic “wounds” after the unblocking. Two colors have to be applied.
But here it comes. This is quite rare when applying a color. When applying the second color during the five minutes my energetic body wants it to be applied, I start to feel a slight headache and a slight ache in my right eye and I also feel a heaviness on my chest. My right eye is the eye where my Covid19 infection started now just only a few days less than exactly one year ago. All pains fade during the application of the color and I feel much better than when I started this session.
I then look for specific colors as Harmonic Remedies by means of Bioresonance and the same second color is selected as a dominant remedy. Just a little extra dose needed of this color to top it all off. The same color coming up as a remedy is also rather rare during a session.
I don’t look for other Harmonic Remedies as I am still taking Schüssler Salts I found through Bioresonance with the Lecher antenna from my previous session.
Now what is also so special about this treatment session is that one of the acupoints that was blocked in my Kidney Meridian is linked to an acupoint at the height of the eye of another Meridian and the eye acupoint related to 6 other major and minor Meridans, so the energy of this particular color was finding its way through the unblocked acupoint to all these other Meridians in order to balance my energetic body as much as it possibly could.
I have to admit that my headache and neck-pain are completely gone. What a relief and this in more way than one.
On second thought, I’m wondering whether these intermittent headaches, sore throats, heaviness of the chest are caused by miniCovid flares as there are lot of people down with Covid here for the moment. If the case, I am so grateful to be able to keep my body to optimally function so I am only experiencing a very light version of the infection.

CASE: ANNE-MARIE, the instructor and author of the books on this website

In my Practical Guide for Dowsing with the Lecher Antenna and bio-energy e-learning course I worked out a bio-energy protocol.
Objects worn on the subject’s body like phone, watch, belt, jewelry, … are firstly checked whether they are interfering with the person's energies and made compatible. The electromagnetic radiation of a phone can be neutralised if necessary.
The balancing of the energies as such mainly covers working on meridians/acupoints, chakras and working with the colour harmonies.
Each meridian and chakra is checked whether it is on its/their several right frequency/frequencies.
Example of a case: I did a balancing on myself recently which is a very good example of how well this protocol works.
Pathology: flue like symptoms and fatigue
Before balancing: vibration is at 15000 Bovis units (6500 Bovis units is threshold between healthy and sick).
Energy readings show following signals being weak or not good:
- 1.1 signal on the heart chakra is off; this is the bridge to the energy reserves; this means that I have no access to these reserves and am exhausting myself because of this.
- 15.3 signal on the forehead is way off the left as are the axes of the electric field and magnetic field; the 15.3 on the forehead is the combination of my electric and magnetic field.
A frontal displacement of the axes means there is physical cause for this.
Two signals of my lymphatics are weak on my left side. The lymphatics help us rid of toxins in the body.
All chakras show a vibrational signal, although the base chakra has no signal for one if its right frequencies. I ask my energetic body for permission to bring it back to the correct frequency which I get.
I bring the base chakra back to its frequency. This has opened the 1.1 bridge to my energy reserves and brings back the axes of my electric and magnetic field to centre.
I then check for colour harmonies. I get a signal for 1 colour for 4 minutes. This brings the weak lymphatic signals back to normal.
After balancing: 25000 Bovis units
The flue like symptoms and fatigue are gone immediately after the chakra is put back to one of its right frequencies. this is not the first time that a short balancing of my bio-energies has rid me of flue-like symptoms.
This type of balancing of energies can of course be done on another person.


Symptoms: severe pains in left shoulder since a few days, too painful to lift left arm.
The physiotherapist, who is also an osteopath, is not capable of relieving the pain and advises a bio-energy balancing as the physiotherapist thinks it is stress related. As I already worked on this person before, I start with checking the meridians. One of the meridians is not on one of its right frequencies. This frequency is often associated to shoulder pain, even to shoulder pain blocking all of the lymphatics. I put the meridian back to its missing frequency without working on the other right frequency which the meridian does have and which is associated to another pathway on this meridian.
Result: the shoulder pain is immediately gone after my intervention and hasn't come back for several weeks according to the person.


Disclaimer: The author of the products offered on this website does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for well-being. In the event you use any of the information in the products offered on this website for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the author and publisher assume no responsibility for your actions.

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